Police clueless on ghastly murder of a Digambar Jain at Madhuvan


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Many a heart skipped a beat when Digambar Jains of Madhuvan came to know that Manager of a guest house(Dharamshala) 73 year old Prakash Chandra Sharma was hacked to death at the Samadhi Sthal(Graveyard) of their Guru Vimal Sagarji Maharaj on Sunday evening.

The dusk had not set in at Madhuvan,located on the foothills of the Parasnath hill-a Maoist infested forest and the most sacred site of pilgrimage of the Jains,in Jharkhand’s Giridih district,when the ghastly crime unfolded.

On the occasion of Sagarji’s Jayanti,hundreds of his followers had gathered at the Samadhi Sthal.Even Sharma is learnt to have visited the Sthal to pay tributes to Sagarji.At around 4 pm,one woman asked him to come out of the crowd.”As soon as he came out near the staircase of the Sthal,some body from among the crowd shot at him.The bullet hit him in his head.When he fell down,he was attacked by a lethal weapon”,said a report quoting an eye witness.

Sharma,who hails from Jind in Haryana and had a house in Malviya Nagar in New Delhi,is survived by one son and five daughters.

Sushil Jain,who was his colleague working for the Bharat Varshiya Digambar Shetra Committee,said;”We all feel proud to identify ourselves with the committee he represented.Now this committee has suffered a major loss”,said Jain.

No arrest was made in connection with his murder.When Giridih SP Amol Venukant Homkar was asked if the police had gathered any clue,he replied in the negative.”Investigations are on.We have gathered information related with the deceased.We will not like to disclose anything more on this issue.”

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