Police arrest a man for sending threat-e-mail to top cops

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Two Police Commissioners of Mumbai and Delhi and Jharkhand Director General of Police GS Rath got an e mail,threatening them and issuing a warning to bomb Ranchi,Delhi and Mumbai. The mailer had used the e mail ID as Danis Alam@yahoo.com This was at 11:32:40 on December 6-black day when the Babri Masjid was demolished in 1992.

More than three weeks later,the Jharkhand police claims to have resolved the case by arresting a Muslim youth-Mohammed Irfan,who was arrested by the police in Ranchi on Sunday..”We tracked him and found that he had sent the e –mail”,said Rath.

Investigations by the police revealed that Irfan,a resident of Okhauta hamlet in Majhgaon village in Garhwa district,and educateded upto Class X,who worked as a contractor of a private company-Muskan Construction-was working in Ranchi.

Irfan lived near Lalpur chowk-address of a cyber café.Right from this café,Irfan is alleged to have sent the mail to these police chiefs.”To crack the case,the IT wing of the police gathered information from the yahoo and BSNL “,said an officer of the police IT wing.

Asked what was the motive behind sending the threat e-mail to top cops of Delhi,Mumbai and Jharkhand,DGP Rath replied that it was still a subject of investigation.’But, more or less,it seems, it was simply an act of mischief.”

Irfan has claimed he was implicated by the police in a false case.

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