PLA backed by ISI is hand in glove with CPI(Maoist)

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The Pakistan’s ISI is connected with the People’s Liberation Army and the CPI(Maoist) is patronized by the PLA,said DGP GS Rath today.

Rath told the that the PLA has been training the Maoists and providing them modern weapons such as AK -47,AK-56 and bullet proof jackets.”We have clinching evidences to substantiate our claim”,said the DGP.

Reports claim the Maoists have evolved a new technology to manufacture explosives on the basis of chemicals that were available in the open market.These chemicals include Potasium Chloride,Amonium Nitrate,Magnasium powder and Silica.

The CPI(Maoist) had a separate wing called ‘Central Technical Committee’to manufacture rocket launcher,grenade launcher and grenade.”Of late,they had learnt to manufacture low smoke explosive by using a combination of vermillion and fertilizer.It was meant to be used to create smoke in order to escape”,said a senior police officer.

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