Pinki’s alter ego is Zhang!


While investigations by a team of doctors claimed that Pinki Pramanik,Asian Games Gold medalist is male,a 25 year old woman in China’s Hubai Province has claimed that she was a male.

In case of West Bengal state of India based Pramanik,the court had intervened to establish her sex after there were complaints that she turned he had sex with women players,in case of Nanyang Siang Pau,known as Zhang,the story is a bit different.

Zhang,a woman turned man from China, was reported to be “very attractive with many men wanting to date with her”.But since she did not menstruate,she got herself checked up in a hospital only to get stunned by a medical report that she was a male,a report by Star Online said.

The same report added:“She was told that she was a hermaphrodite with sexual organs of both sexes.An ultrasound showed that Zhang had a vagina but no womb.It also found two shadows in her abdomen that were believed to be undescended testicles.Although she looks like a woman, Zhang is actually a man according to her chromosomes, as tests showed.

Zhang had surgery on October 20 to remove her testicles. Doctors said that Zhang could still have normal sexual relations but can never get pregnant.”

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