Performing last rites of unclaimed bodies is their hobby

unclaimed bodies in Ranchi, Jharkhand
Seen in picture are Mohammed Khalid and Tapas Chakravorty

Picking up dead bodies,procurring cloths and carriers to transport them to cremation ground and moblising wood and priest to perform their last rites,may be agonizingly difficult work for many.But in an act of charity,all these were heartily accomplished by two pals in Jharkhand.

They specialized in doing so.Both hailed from Hazaribagh represented by the BJP’s senior leader Yashwant Sinha in the Lok Sabha.Sinha was not available for his reaction.

But Mohammed Khalid,a Muslim,and Tapas Chakravorty,a Hindu,who were friends for the past more than a decade ,were involved in cremating unclaimed and abandoned bodies in accordance with the prescribed traditions of the respective deceased.They were involved in this work for long.
unclaimed bodies in Ranchi, Jharkhand
After cremation,they immersed the ash and bones in the holy river Ganga.Till date,both of them had cremated more than 350 unclaimed bodies across the state.They bear the cost on their own,if the state administration did not pay them for the cremation.

They had set up an organization-Murda Kalyan Samiti-to carrying out their mission.Now,the Samiti boasts of 23 members.

Asked what had prompted them to take up this as a mission,Khalid,who was joined by Tapas later,sang a song”Aadmi Hoon Aadmi Se Payar Karta Hoon”(I am human.I love human) and recalled that he had spotted a body at Sadar hospital in Hazaribagh.”The dogs and birds were having a feast over it.This jolted me.I took a vow that I will never allow this to happen.”

On October 14,they were credited to have organized mass cremation of 52 unclaimed bodies on the bank of river Jumar in Ranchi.These unclaimed bodies were lying abandoned inside the morgue of the state government run RIMS hospital in Ranchi since long.

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