People brood over Jharkhand state


“Rajya limbo me Hai”(The government is in a limbo),commented the Ranchi University Associate professor P.K.Singh.The subject of his observation is the Governor Syed Ahmad’s recommendation for imposition of the President’s Rule in Jharkhand on Saturday and the Congress led government at the Centre preferring to maintain a studied silence over it.

Singh’s opinion is symptomatic of the general hopelessness and dejection which the indecisiveness of the Congress regime has generated among a cross section of the people in Jharkhand.

“In the current fiscal,the government had spent less than 25 percent of the state plan outlay.Now when there were less than two and half months left for the financial year to end on March 31,the government had to execute and spend 75 percent of the outlay.Every year around this time there was March loot.But now with the government in the flux,it is going to be a March dacoity”,said Jagjit Prasad,ex Deputy Development Commissioner.

In the corner of Ranchi,the capital of Jharkhand,lies a tent house.Its two owners,Subodh and Ashok Thakur complained:”The government had got pandal erected and food served to its guests.Our bills had got stuck because the officers had stopped clearing the files.”

Vimal Kumar,an advocate,is equally vociferous in expressing his sense of hopelessness.”The government was working.But the Congress party ganged up with the JMM and toppled it.Now,when they were unable to form the government without support of the tainted legislatures such as Enos Ekka and Harinarain Rai(who had recently come out of jail on bail in corruption charges),they had given letters to Governor to give them time to form it”,said Kumar.”Such a thing had never happened in other states of the country.”

The concern about the state’s political uncertainty is common among the traders,businessmen,industrialists,affluent tribal farmers and students,professionals and salaried employees.

Ironically,however,there is a vast majority of labourers and farmers who live in distant villages in the forests and hills.They remain in the dark about the on going political drama,starting with the JMM led by Hemant Soren toppling the government in league with a section of the Congress,RJD and a couple of Independent MLAs such as Bandhu Tirkey and Chamra Linda and culminating with the Centre dilly dallying over it.”

Sushil Singh Munda,a school teacher,lays the blame on successive governments led by the BP and the Congress.”During the past 12 years,these two parties led by Delhi based leaders had used Jharkhand as a colony to exploit the resources of Jharkhand for their own vested interests.”In middle of these two parties was the JMM led by Shibu Soren and his son Hemant who had proved to be a curse”,said Munda.

“Either to deal with the CBI or cling or grab the post of the CM,both father and son have trampled upon the interests of the state and its people.”

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