PDS to be linked with SMS system in Jharkhand

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PDS Picture courtesy :cdn.youthkiawaaz.com
PDS Picture courtesy :cdn.youthkiawaaz.com

Jharkhand government is going to adopt the Food Sexcurity Act(FSA) with effect from June 1.

“We have already started a move toward this end”,said the State Food and Civil Supply Minister Saryu Roy.

Roy said that his Ministry’s plan is to provide Dal(a dried legume)through Public Distribution Shop(PDS).The plan is reportedly on to make the Ration card linked with Aadhaar.

Also,the Ministry has initiated a move to introduce SMS system.This means that soon after the food materials were picked up from the store of the Food Corporation of India Ltd,all dealers will get the SMS about it.And after the food materials reached the Dealer,every card owner will get the SMS.

“This will contain corruption and help people get the food material on a regular basis”,said Roy.

The adoption of FSA by the State means that is is out to ensure that the majority of population in Jharkhand has access to adequate quantity of food at affordable prices. The Act proposes to cover 75 percent of the rural population,and 50 percent of the urban population with an entitlement of 5 kg per person per month of food grains at issue prices of Rs. 2 and 3 per kg for wheat and rice respectively.

The poorest households will receive an additional 10 kilograms of food grains per household to protect their existing allocations.

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