Pathalkudwa residents suffer from Arsenic poisoning

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A dozen people belonging to Pathalkudwa village in Ranchi,capital of Jharkhand,suffer from the dreaded disease caused by Arsenic poisoning.

They were among hundreds of villages in different district of Bihar and Jharkhand state in India are facing serious threat to their health due to alarmingly high quantity of Arsenic present in the ground water.

Pathulkudwa is facing one of the gravest natural disasters in the form of arsenic contamination of ground water,said a doctor today. After a study of ground water quality, an American consultant vigited Pathulkudwa on Friday.

Incidentally,Arsenic poisoning or arsenicosis is a condition that is caused by consuming, absorbing or inhaling more than the optimum levels of arsenic, which is a semi-metallic element that is capable of forming an array of poisonous compounds. It is present in ground water all over the world.

The American consultant heard the pain and trauma expressed by the victims of Arsenic poisoning at Pathulkudwa,Ranchi.His report is going to be submitted to the Union Government in New Delhi.

Many villagers who were suffering from Arsenic poisoning told the American consultant that the common problem faced by them included hair loss,lack of feeling to consume food,sense of anger and black spots in their hands.

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