Organic Farming Authority of Jharkhand set up


boost organic farming in Jharkhand,organic farming in Jharkhand,OFMJ

In a move to boost organic farming in Jharkhand,the state government has set up a new body-Organic Farming Authority of Jharkhand(OFMJ).

To begin with,this body in league with National Horticulture Mission is slated to organize a two day seminar on prospect of organic farming in this state at RINPS,state government managed mental hospital.

The seminar is planned to be inaugurated by chief minister Arjun Munda on November 8 and concluded next day by Governor Syed Ahmad.

boost organic farming in Jharkhand,organic farming in Jharkhand,OFMJ

In Jharkhand,where the consumption of fertiliser in agriculture was much less than many states including Haryana,Punjab,Bihar and West Bengal,most farmers relied heavily on organic substances such as natural wastes and cow dung.

”This provided a virgin field for the growth and promotion of organic farming”,said Jivan Singh,a staff of the state agriculture department.

Since organic products are in great demand across the country and abroad,OFMJ can get the indigenous vegetables and cereals branded as ‘organic’and sell them.”This is a novel idea.But since OFMJ will be a government body,there is always a possibility that it can slip into a mega scam”,fears Sudhir Gupta,a retired officer of the agriculture department.

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