On the eve of petrol pump strike,Das govt says petrol still cheap in Jharkhand

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m_id_371375_petrol_pumpsThe members of the Petroleum Association have decided to observe bandh July 9 to protest against the decision to introduce VAT on Petrol and diesel in Jharkhand.

On the eve of their agitation,Commissioner(Sales Tax) Nidhi Khare today said in a statement that diesel and petrol were still cheap in comparison to neighbouring states.

She gave a comparative data showing as follows:

State Diesel(in Rs) Petrol(in Rs)

Bihar 55.82 74.10

Chattisgarh 54.74 74.89

Chattishgarh 55.66 68.74

Orissa 55.41 68.57

Jharkhand 55.40 68.32

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