Obama’s re election owes to the US sluggish economy


Obama’s re election

President Barack Obama won the election and got second term at a time when the US economy is still to come out of recession.

His re election is attributed to a combination of factors including his charishma and popularity as well as his efforts to pull up the US’s sluggish economy.

Reuter’s Andy Sullivan is of the view that right now when “employers were barely adding enough jobs to keep pace with population growth;trillions of dollars had vanished in housing bubble;and the gap between the rich and the poor had widened;the voters had preferred him.

In the past too,”voters have given a second term to incumbent presidents who preside over even modest economic growth during an election year.That pattern appears to have held for Obama. If the economy is not exactly roaring ahead, it improved steadily over the course of the year”,states Reuter’s Analysis by Andy Sullivan.

“According to Reuters/Ipsos exit polls, Obama lost white men nationwide by 21 percentage points. In Ohio, he lost white men by only 12 points.Obama was also helped by the fact that voters largely blame the recession on his Republican predecessor, President George W. Bush. Obama made that a central part of his campaign message as he argued that Romney would bring back policies that precipitated the crash”,said the same Analysis.

Obama’s re election

His narrow victory,widely greeted across India and Cuba,has other implications.Though it is not expected to worsen his party Democrats’ relationship with the Republicans who remain in control of the US’s House of Representatives.With Obama’s Democrats holding on to the Senate,tussle between the two over taxes and spending may face hurdles ahead.

“That is a recipe for more gridlock and white-knuckle showdowns over taxes and spending. Reaching consensus on even the most routine legislation will be difficult”,observes Sullivan.

Sullivan quotes Princeton University history professor Julian Zelizer as saying:””There’s not going to be a lot of goodwill on the Hill.The party lines will be hardened after this election.”

In consequence,the governance is likely to become difficult.

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