Obama-Romney contest neck and neck


Come November 6 and the electorates of the United States of America will decide whether President Barack Obama will get the second term.

No body knows the answer as the psephologists are not ready to make any straight prediction.If surveys are of any indication,the contest between Democrat Obama and Republican Mitt Romney is neck and neck.

Sample some credible reports :

  • Real ClearPolitics’s average of national polls suggested that Obama was leading by a slim 0.1 percentage of votes.
  • ABC News/Washington Poll had Romney’s lead of one point.
  • Reuters-Ipsos poll indicated that Obama has a marginal lead,47 per cent to 45 over Romney in Ohio, while the Rasmussen survey showed the President into a tie with his Republican challenger at 49 per cent.

Against this backdrop both Obama and Mitt are are now focusing on some of the key battleground states, where a win will fetch them the necessary Electoral College votes.This was eveident from the fact that on Friday,Obama addressed three meetings in Ohio,where Romney held two meetings.Ohio has 18 Electoral College votes.

Reports quoting the CNN’s latest poll said,”the presidential election in the battleground State of Ohio remains very close, and Obama holds a three point advantage over Romney, which is within the survey’s sampling error.”

 Another report said that as Obama and Romney returned to the campaign in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, new polls suggested a very close race though Obama appeared to have a very slight edge.

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