No change in uniform,Khaki Half Pants are fine:RSS


Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh, uniform,Khaki Half Pants,Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagat

The Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh will continue with half-pants at their Sakhas and during its volunteer services, clarified Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagat.

“I too thought that we should change with the times. And when the matter to cast off knickers came up for debate, the swayamsevaks asked what difference it makes between a pair of full pants and a pair of knickers. It doesn’t matter, we are comfortable with knickers,” Bhagawat said.

He was answering to a query as to why RSS was not changing with the time.

Asserting that the RSS was purely floated in 1925 to serve Hindustan and protect the interests of Hindus, Bhagawat said a committed mind to serve the nation makes all the difference, and not knickers or full-pants.

He also called upon all the movements against corruption to work together and eradicate moral and immoral corruption from the minds of the people.

“You can stop corruption by creating a corruption-free environment. And for this you have to begin from home. Suppose the child of a drunkard touches his feet to seek his blessings every day,the drunken father would feel shame and would quit drinking the next day.

“Similarly a corrupt father too would quit giving and taking bribe”,said Bhagawat, three months after former President A P J Abdul Kalam made the children at a function here to advice their parents not to indulge in corruption to make India a healthy and wealthy nation.

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