New Terminal at Ranchi Airport to be a reality soon,says Nathwani

Press Release

Ranchi : July 18, 2012

The new terminal at Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi, will be opened in next 45 to 60 days,said Parimal Nathwani, the Rajya Sabha Member.

Nathwani ,who is a member of the Consultative Committee attached to the Ministry of Civil Aviation,in a communiqué,said that he,in a committee’s meeting held at Bangalore yesterday,had raised the long pending issue of new terminal of Ranchi airport.The meeting was attended among others by by the civil aviation minister Ajit Singh and chairman of Airport Authority of India V. P. Agrawal.

In this meeting,Singh reportedly assured Nathwani that the new terminal would be commissioned as early as possible.

The make over of the terminal included technical upgrades also for safe landing and take-off facilities.

The new terminal is planned to be equipped with Advance Instrument Landing Systems and Runaway Visual Range and so on.”This will facilitate safe landing and take-off even during odd weather conditions”,said Nathwani.

Nathwani hoped that once the new terminal becomes a reality incidents of diverting flights would be reduced.” The integration of the new terminal with the existing one would, in turn, help maximizing passenger holding capacity and apron”, Nathwani hoped.

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