Neelam cast shadow on Diwali,potters


The inclement weather caused by the storm Neelam has cast its shadow on potters in Jharkhand. They make earthen lamps,toys,pots, and idols of the God Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi for veneration during Diwali.

After making these earthen articles on their wheels,they dry them under the sun.But due to the dark clouds and intermittent drizzle during the past two days,they were unable to bake them.

This has two main implications.

One,these potters,who make brisk business during Diwali,are bound to suffer.”The God has been unkind this time.Our business is ruined”,says Ram Nagina Karamkar,a potter,echoing the concerns of many others of his profession.

Two,the price of these products of handicrafts is bound to shoot up leaving strain on the budget of consumers.”If the cost will be high,we will go for candles to light up the home”,said Saroj Devi,a housewife.

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