Munda promises to gift Tablet to Matric students,dedicate 2013 as the year of youth,build paperless offices


Chief Minister Arjun Munda tapped the themes of youth and their welfare in Ranchi today while lady cricket commentator turned actress turned anchor Mandira Bedi held the mike here inside Birsa Munda Football Stadium at Morahabadi,to mark inauguration of the three day celebrations for the 12th foundation day of Jharkhand .

Amid clear sky heralding dusk,with temperature dipping to 13 degree C,Bedi,dressed in sari and blouse without any woolen undergarments,enthralled the audience with her lung power and charm while Munda congratulated people of the state on the occasion and made three main announcements.

  • One,all Matric students of the state government run schools in Jharkhand will get a Tablet each,free of cost.
  • Two,the Jharkhand State will observe the coming 2013 as year of the “Youth And Skill Development”.
  • Three,this State will use Information Communication Technology(ICT) to modernize the Government Departments become paperless offices.

Right now,though Munda operated with the help of a Samsung Tablet,a vast majority of his government staff had reduced computers to become substitute to type writers.

Jharkhand all cm

And stacks of dirty-filthy papers crowded the corners of their offices,each virtually a 24X7 work place where many staff pushed files only after their hands were greased with speed money,and used their discretion to interprete the law,rules and regulations to suit their own design to loot the public fund and deprive people of their rights and claims.

Hence,transforming these document infested corrupt work places to paperless offices was a task cut out especially since there were few who believed the government machinery was dysfunctional with the clutter of files and documents.But Munda had his own vision.

He believed it is time to take steps in the direction of a paperless future.That means no more rooting through endless folders and files,looking for one elusive page. What’s more,if Chief Minister Munda has his way and succeeds in his plan,any citizen,poor or rich,can share any document easily, and back them all up so that the corrupt staff can not manipulate,delay,extort bribe, and, if disaster strikes, you’ll still have access to your data.

Addressing a huge audience,Munda said by taking to ICT and developing skill of the youth,the State can always retain its youthfulness and march ahead with a mission-Dharti Abba Teri Jang,Milkar Ham Ladenge Sab Sang.Tere Sapne Sach Karenge,Milakar Bharenge Unme Rang(Your Struggle,Hero of the Land,we will continue together.We will fulfill your dream,drench it with colour together).

For Munda,Dharti Abba was the icon of Jharkhand -legendary tribal hero Birsa Munda,
who fought against the British and land grabbers only to die behind the bars in Ranch jail in 1900.

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