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Jharkhand State News Accepting Jharkhand as an underperformer in the field of Information Technology, Chief Minister Arjun Munda regretted that the state had missed a vital stride in IT sector five years ago when his dream plan to establish a Wireless Park with the help of a Denmark based scientist Ramji Prashad was dumped after the fall of his government in 2006.

“It was an opportunity that we regrettably missed. The park was proposed to be established on 20 acres of land to promote IT industry and research. Denmark government and Prashad were all set to extend their support and expertise. But soon after the agreement,my government fell’,the CM said.

Munda revealed it on Monday during launch of an initiative of senior journalist Manoj Prasad.

Speaking on the occasion as chief guest Munda made public his sentiments saying that for the past many months he has been frantically searching for related files of the project and trying to trace out Ramji Prashad who has his origin and education in Jharkhand.

On IT front Munda listed three chief concerns where Jharkhand lacks. “We have been lacking in dissemination and sharing of information. A large part of the State and people are woefully far behind in availing the benefit of information technology.Information technology is a critical notch in accelerating development,” Munda said.

Munda praised Prasad and termed his initiative as a critical stride in minimizing digital divide in Jharkhand. “It is a very bold step by a man who left a plum job to take pain to make information technology available to everyone. The State government has taken several initiatives to connect people and government through digital medium. This site is a vital addition,” he said.

Supporting the initiative CM said that the Pragya centers in Jharkhand will join the move started by Prasad where people can access the site.

“The website has been designed in such a way that it can be operated on mobile phone sets. It is a public utility site and the purpose behind launching this site is to help rural unemployed,especially those who were educated and trained and have no access information in villages.Rural youths often find problem in getting employment because of the lack of information,” Prasad said.

Prasad himself accepted that launching a web site and keep it running is not an easy undertaking. “30 crore web sites were launched across the globe over the years but only two per cent web sites have survived. I may be bad in business but I am guided by the spirit of public welfare,” he said.

The site comes with some other unique features containing all major administrative-governmental information.

Praising Prasad, noted journalist Harivansh said that he must be supported in his initiative. “There are very few people left who take challenge and dare breaking ground. This site will be instrumental in bridging digital divide in Jharkhand,” he said.

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