Mr Clean Modi's court is packed with tainted MLAs

Narander Modi's
Representational Pics

BJP leader and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was known as Mr Clean.But a report prepared by Gujarat Election Watch(GEW) revealed that his state has elected 57 MLAs with criminal charges pending against them.

The charges include rape, kidnapping, murder, theft and attempt to murder.The report claimed that out of the 57, charges have been framed against 35 MLAs for various crimes.In total,24 out of the 57 have serious criminal charges against them.

Notably,in 2007, as many as 47 MLAs had criminal charges against them.

The report by GEW sheds light on another point of concern -among the MLAs from the major parties, Congress has 20 out of 61 (33 %); BJP has 32 out of 115 (28 %); NCP has 2 out of 2 (100%); and JD(U) has 1 out of 1 (100%)MLAs with declared criminal cases.

The report indicates that a total of 134 out of 182 MLAs i.e. 74 per cent are multi-millionaires, as compared to 31 per cent in 2007.

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