Mosquito nets essential for people in Malaria prone areas

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Abdul Gaffoor is a man with a shop.Like most shops,his isn’t the only one selling mosquito nets in the capital city of Jharkhand where scores of people die of malaria every year.

“If the state government’s decides to make use of mosquito nets compulsory,many death caused by malaria can be easily prevented’,says Gaffoor.

Gaffoor may be motivated by his business interests,but the latest report quoted by World Vision says that by simple intervention such as distribution of mosquito nets and sensitizing communities about hygiene and sanitation can help prevent this deadly disease and save lives.

The significance of this can be easily gauged from the World Malaria Report 2011.”Over 70 per cent of India’s population – 100.41 crore face the risk of malaria infection”,states the Report.

The Report adds that around 31 crore people face the “highest risk” of getting infected by vector-borne disease…A total of 205,000 deaths before the age of 70, particularly in the rural areas, were caused by malaria each year—- 55,000 in early childhood, 30,000 among children aged between 5 and 14 years and 1,20,000 people of 15 years and older.

Asked why can not mosquito nets be made available to the poorest of the poor in the malaria prone areas,Jharkhand state health department’s deputy secretyary Ratnesh Singh said this can be done provided the state government takes a decision and implements it.

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