MNREGA staff caught taking bribe


MNREGA staff caught taking bribe

Inquiry by the state’s Vigilance Bureau revealed that the Mahatama Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act was being used by its implementing personnel to fatten their bellies.

The modus operendi was to allocate the MNREGA scheme and when the workers execute the work and demand payment of their wages,extort commission from them.The commission varied from two percent to five percent of the total outlay of the scheme.

In case,the worker refused to pay,the Babu responsible for implementation of the scheme agree to release the wage provided the worker paid him the bribe.

On Thursday,the Vigilance sleuths cought the Rajgar Sevak Santosh Kumar Yadav taking a bribe sum of Rs 5000 from a MNREGA worker Dinesh Kumar Gupta in Ranka block in Palamau.Yadav was remanded in judicial custody.

The FIR filed by the Vigilance showed that Gupta was allocated a scheme for digging a well.The well costing Rs 1.20 lakh was dug and he was in receipt of Rs 98,500.To release the rest amount,Yadav demanded Rs 5000 and since Gupta did not cough up the bribe,Yadav made him run around from pillar to post.

Apparently,irked at his conduct,Gupta informed the Vigilance sleuths.

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