Mercedes Benz B-Class Electric car coming in 2014


 B-Class Electric car,Mercedes Benz,Images for Mercedes Benz B-Class Electric car

The day is not far when petrol and diesel cars will become obsolete.The great news is the production of the Mercedes’B-Class Electric car will start in 2014.

“After the first images of the B-Class Electric Drive were released last week, Mercedes Benz have officially presented the new electric B-Class at the on-going 2012 Paris Motor Show(see picture).The B-Class is the first model to receive the ‘Electric Drive’ designation that will be used on all electric Mercedes Benz vehicles hence forth”,said a report today.

The B-Class Electric Drive concept was joined by the production-ready versions of the SLS AMG E-Cell and the Smart Brabus Electric Drive models in Paris.

“Developed in partnership with Tesla, the near-to-production ready MPV is being powered by an electric motor that develops 136 PS of power and 310Nm of torque, which enables the electric sports tourer to travel over 200Km on a single charge. When the battery is depleted, it can be recharged by a 230V outlet or a 400V rapid charger”,said the report..

The battery is placed in the so-called “Energy Space” at the floor ahead of the rear axle, ensuring that the all-electric B-Class offers the same interior space as the conventionally-powered versions.

The same report further said:”The B-Class Electric Drive will be sold in selected markets from early 2014 as part of broader zero emission model offensive that will be launched by Mercedes-Benz in Paris.”

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