Matuk Nath plans to set up ‘Love School’

Representational Pic;Courtsey ebay

He is back in the news with his plan to set up a school to teach students all aspects of the three letter word-sex.

Matuk Nath Choudhary,known as love guru,wants to start this school at his native village Jayrampur in Bihar’s Bhagalpur district.

Taking about the rationale of his new venture,Matuk Nath told the media that in this world of materialism,the essence of love was lost.”Immortal love drives us towards creation…Love means sacrifice;there is no place of selfishness in it”,he is quoted having said by Gulf News.

Matuk Nath,Patna University Professor,who was sacked from service after his extra marital affair with his student Julie,who is half his age,was made public.His wife,a victim,lodged protest and had atleast once roughed him up.But Matuk Nath did not lie low.

He,backed by Julie sat in dharna in Patna demanding reinstatement of his job.After his job was restored,he reportedly resumed teaching n Patna University.

Now,Matuknath is busy setting up his love school,according to the Gulf News.The ANI report quotes him saying,” “School education is teaching students only about the outside world; it is not teaching them about inner knowledge. There must a balance between the two.”

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