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Three Maoists killed Yadav notorious Aja, one arrested
Mohammdganj Palamu police station area in the forest Sita rat notorious Maoist zonal commander Ajay Yadav all have recovered the bodies of three rebels. Police recovered from the scene is an AK-47 and six big arms. Police officials confirmed the incident was reported to have told police that the shooting occurred in the area, information on police operations during Likewise, all the bodies of the Maoists and recovered weapons Kdiaiji Vipul Shukla event confirming that he rushed to the scene in the region has been carrying out Kpulis Ajay Yadav Yadav palamu a rate of 10 million was the reward Kajay Gn also was accused of major incidents. Ajay Yadav, Surendra Yadav and Dhirendra Yadav from the scene, police recovered the body of the Kjbki Urav Ajay is captured alive.

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