Management Guru Veer Mehta teaches Jharkhand officials,engineers

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Management Guru, Veer Mehta

At 9 am today,the doors of the Le lac hotel in Ranchi were opened.

Nearly 40 senior officers and engineers of the Jharkhand’s Water Resource Department led by its Principal Secretary Santosh Kumar Satapathy assembled in its hall.They then began to hear the lecture delivered by Veer Mehta,specialist on ‘Strategy,Innovation,Leadership and Capstone Business Simulation.’

Mehta,who has done extensive research on ‘Supply Chain Management and Logistics’,was invited by Satapathy to teach and motivate his department’s personnel to blend “strategic thinking and innovative exploration to stay ahead of the curve in a fluid and competitive world.”

“Intelligent and adaptive are the defining imperatives of business today.Progressive organisations are defining new markets and breaking into them with pioneering products and services.Going forward some will identify and seize opportunities where others will see insurmountable challenges.Our managers ability to think strategically,innovatively,and creatively is turning out to be foundational and inescapable skill to navigate this dynamic maze”,said Mehta.

Many officials and engineers of the department who were expert in keeping and disposing dusty files from one table to another, found the highly innovative and motivating lecture rewarding.”It is highly stimulating.I have learnt quite a bit on strategic thinking and innovative exploration”,said a senior engineer.

“In today’s highly competitive world, human resource is a fundamental issue.Its quality determines quality of the output produced by them.We have highly talented personnel.We want them to polish their talents by learning about the importance of strategic thinking.Mehta was invited for this purpose”,said Satapathy.

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