Man arrested with a watch made from Titanic scrap


Titanic,Karnataka,Deputy Commissioner Sameer Wankhede,Air IntelligenceIf you believe the Air Intelligence Unit’s Deputy Commissioner Sameer Wankhede,a 52 year old Ansar Danda,who was intercepted and arrested,was a smuggler.Danda,claimed Wankhede,was in possession of a price less watch made of scrap of Titanic,the famous ship that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean on April 15,1912.

Danda,a resident of Bhatkal in Karnataka,was taken into custody soon after his arrival from Dubai on flight.During his body search,the costly watch was recovered from his pocket.
Although it is not known how AIU quickly concluded that the “watch” recovered from his possession was made of scrap of Titanic,Wankhede made an assertion toward this end and claimed that Danda was a veteran smuggler.

‘In the past he peddled in gold before shifting to high end watches”,said a AIU official.Wankhede is reported by the Mumbai based Mid Day claiming that the “recovered watch was a high end German brand’made out of the scrap of Titanic.

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