Makar Sankranti reaps benefit of ‘Namo Patang Mahotsav’in Ranchi

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As Makar Sankranti festival is being oberserved,a group of BJP leaders and supporters are holding “Namo Patang Mahotsav’ at Argora Maidan in Ranchi today.

Led by BJP leader Sanjay Seth,Namo Patang Mahotsav,being held in Jharkhand capital for the first time,has attracted a number of kite lovers.They were seen holding the kite and playing with it near Argora Chowk in Ranchi today.

A poster carrying the picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghuvar Das was put up behind the organisers of the function at Argora Chowk.

In fact,Makar Sankranti is the festival of kites and till chikkis.Right now,many Hindus were busy playing with the kite,the festival is one of the few Indian festivals that fall on the same day every year.In fact,most festivals follow the position of the moon and are based on the lunar calendar.

As a result,the the dates of festivals change every year.
More,Makar Sankranti falls on the same day every year as it follows the solar calender. However, once every eighty years, due to revolution, the day is postponed by one day. Makar Sankranti is celebrated on the 14th of January every year (sometimes on the 15th) for now. From 2050, it is predicted that the festival will fall on the 15th January (and occasionally on the 16th)

On Makar Sankranti, the sun enters the sun-sign of Capricorn or Makara (the Indian rashi). Therefore the ‘Makar’ in the name. The word ‘Sankranti’ signifies the movement of the sun from one zodiac sign to another. Thus, the name of the festival literally means the movement of the sun into Capricorn.

Note- Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das along with.Assembly speaker Dinesh Oraon and others during Namo kite festival in Ranchi on Wednesday.   photo- Ratan Lal

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