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Traces of Lohardaga District’s antiquarian history can be found in the ancient Jain scribes elucidating Mahavira’s visit to a certain Lore-a- Daga. Spanning from 32°30″ to 23°40″ north latitude and between 84°40″ and 84°50″ east longitude, Lohardaga is spread over an area of 190.82sq. km in the tribal belt of Chotanagpur plateau.

The 2001 Census has recorded a scattered and scanty population of 46,204 in Lohardaga. The district is socio-economically backward with poor irrigation facilities and absence of large industries. People usually grow a few crops like paddy, wheat and millet or work in small- scale bricks or chips industry while the tribals depend upon forest products for their subsistence.

Lohardaga with its mind-blowing vista spellbinds tourists. A visit to the Oraon tribal villages, the mines and the beautiful temples mesmerize tourists by their natural splendor.