Koderma DC seeks justice against false report published against him

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If there is one scourge that is being tackled legally by the IAS officer,it is the printing of  a ‘wholly incorrect’ report and its publication.

The lead in tackling the problem has been taken by the IAS officer K.Ravi Kumar,Deputy Commissioner,Koderma.In a legal notice,his lawyer has described the wholly incorrect report printed and published by Jharkhand edition of a Hindi daily-Hindustan,Kokar Industrial Area,Ranchi being ‘defamatory’and ‘infringment of his right to reputation and privacy.’

Though lacking in facts,the report without ascertaining the facts claimed on December 5 that when Kumar was DC of Godda,that time “he was sending a huge sum(Rs two crore) through his man to his in -laws in Chennai.The CBI got this information by tapping a telephone.The CBI team got into action in Chennai.It was out to arrest the man…The CBI had sent the report to its headquarter and the Jharkhand government as well.”

The report lacked facts.One,Kumar’s in laws or father in law don’t stay in Chennai.Two,CBI did not make any inquiry or made any attempt to arrest any person attached to him.Three,he never accepted any money from any person or sent any money to Chennai as was stated in the report.

“The CBI has also neither made any enquiry or arrested or attempted to arrest any person.The entire story reported in your newspaper is false and concocted at the instance of certain intersted persons only to malign the image of my client”,states the legal notice served to the Chief Editor,Hindustan,Ranchi by his lawyer AK Das.

Further,the legal notice has expressed a view that the loss suffered by Koderma DC due to ‘false reporting’ can not be quantified in terms of money,it has called upon the Editor to pay a sum of Rs two crore to him within 15 days from the date of receipt of the legal notice as compensation.

More,the legal notice has said that in case the payment was not made in time,Kumar will be left with no other alternative than to seek justice from the court of law for initiating a legal proceeding for causing defamation against him.

Kumar, apart from being a responsible Indian Administrative Service Officer of 2004 batch,is Bachelor of Engineering from MS University,Tirunelveli,Master of Business Laws from National Law School of India University,Bangalore and author of a renowned book-Poor Students-Market Oriented Education Reforms-published by famous New Delhi based publisher-Kalpaz.

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