CJI Kabir leaves impact on judicial officers in Jharkhand


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At a time when fingers were up against judiciary,the newly appointed Chief Justice of India Altamas Kabir has done what none of his predecessors did-sensitize judicial officers of the subordinate judiciary in Jharkhand.

Never in the past,judicial officers of Jharkhand,who worked in many tribal inhabited districts and towns,were addressed by any CJI in the past.As such,a dozen of these judges,who declined to comment and go on record,hailed him and welcomed exhortion made by CJI Kabir.

Here are some recorded statements and observations made by CJI Kabir,who was once CJ of the Jharkhand High Court,during his address to the judges and judicial officers in Ranchi on October 13.

*“You can make or unmake and you can do or undo the justice delivery system. You can choke things and you can block things. So judges should try to work selflessly,” Justice Kabir told his junior colleagues.

Reminding the judges that their work is not a 9-5 job, the CJI asked them to give something extra because they have the privilege which only the Almighty has; that is to judge people and sentence them.

*“Judges can do justice to the litigants and the common people by giving something extra—-add compassion to the Chair of Justice, give a patient hearing to the people, upgrade your knowledge of legal continuously”.

*”Because law is not static, it is ever expanding and decisions are alterable. If you are not abreast of the ever changing law, and if you are not aware of decisions, you can’t do excellence in the justice delivery system. And complications can arise,” advised Justice Kabir.

In his earnest way to stop people from raising accusing fingers at the judiciary, Justice Kabir reminded the judicial officials that the system is there, laws are there, but you have to make them moving.

He also told the judges that they may have laws, but they should sensitize themselves to raise the excellence in dispensation of justice to the people.

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