JMM’s withdrawal of support helps Munda gain sympathy

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Ahough Arjun Munda had left no stone unturned to maintain unity between the BJP and the JMM,it appears that the withdrawal of support by the JMM led to unwarranted political uncertainty and many development schemes of the state government failed to take off.By this action,the JMM led by Hemant Soren has only helped Munda gain sympathy.

Some schemes –laptops for the students,solar lamps and dhoti-sari for the BPL families and construction of the state’s new capital-were planned during Munda’s tenure of 28 months since September 11,2010.Since the decision was not notified,none of them can be implemented now.

Worse,due to the intra party tussle between the two ruling allies over sharing of the post of the CM in the ratio of 28 months each,the decision taking machinery was almost paralysed during the past six months since Munda met with the chopper accident in June and then when he got well in August,Hemant,backed by his father Shibu Soren,threatened to withdraw support in case he did not step down by January 11.

This left negative impact on the state’s finance with the result that in the current fiscal,the state government could spend less than 31 percent of its total plan outlay.Against the net plan outlay of Rs 16,300,the government had barely spent Rs 4,800 till January 1.

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