JMM leaders lock horns with Hemant over withdrawal of support to Munda government

Jharkhand Mukti Morcha MLAs,Hemlal Murmu , Mathura Mahto
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Two senior Jharkhand Mukti Morcha MLAs-Hemlal Murmu and Mathura Mahto-who are ministers-have joined hands over withdrawal of support to the Arjun Munda government announced this evening by the JMM supremo Shibu Soren’s son and Deputy CM Hemant Soren.

Minutes after Hemant told the media persons that the party had decided to withdraw support,Murmu and Mahto,who opposed the move,roughed up Hemant.

They reportedly cought Hemant and questioned him as to why did he announce the decision.The response of Hemant was not known,but the incident once again brought to light a sharp divide in the JMM over withdrawal of support to the 28- month old Munda government.

Murmu, in response to a querry, said:”For the next two years JMM will not  form the Jharkhand.”

Whether this divide will lead to a vertical split in the JMM?The future will provide the answer.But Shibu Soren backed Hemant and told the media persons that he will hand over the letter of withdrawal of support to the Governor Syed Ahmad on Tuesday.

The drama does not end there.The chief minister Arjun Munda who had met senior Soren early during the day,was backed by the All Jharkhand Students Union and Deputy CM Sudesh Mahto.Both of them were learnt to be actively trying to prevail upon Sorens to roll back their decision.

In any case,the political uncertainty gripped Jharkhand yet again with the JMM’s announcement of withdrawal of support and the Munda government getting reduced to a minority.

What happens next?Wait for the story here.

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