Jharkhand’s 19 elected MLAs face criminal cases

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LawAs many as 19 of total 81 elected MLAs in Jharkhand
were facing criminal cases.They were as follows:

1.JMM’s Amit Kumar Mahato,Silly constituency,faced cases of theft,extortion,murder,attack on the police,etc.

2.Jharkhand Vikas Morcha’s Ganesh Manjhu,Simaria constituency,who faces cases of murder and attempt to murder,is brother of Brajesh Ganjhu,a Maoist leader belonging to TPC.

3.BJP’s Sanjiv Singh,Jharia constituency,faces chargesheet in two criminal cases.

4.Independent Bhanu Pratap Shahi,Bhavnathpur constituency,who was in jail till the other day in corruption case,faces criminal cases as well.

5.Independent Geeta Koda,Jagannathpur,who is wife of ex Chief Minister Madhu Koda,faces four cases filed by the Income Tax.

6.JMM’s Jagannath Mahato,Dumri constituency,faces five criminal cases.

7.JMM’s Deepak Birwa,Chaibasa constituency,faces charges of theft and violation of forest Act.

8.JMM’s Pilus Surin,Torpa constituency,faces charges of murder,extortion and possession of illegal arms.He is also accused to be a member of a Maoist outfit-PLFI.

9.JMM’s Sita Soren,Jama constituency,who was in jail to come out on bail in a corruption case,faces the charge of attacking and beating government staff.

10.JMM’s Chamra Linda,Bishunpur constituency,faces the charge of causing riot and attempt of murder in public.

11.BJP’s Dhulu Mahato,Baghmara constituency,faces the charge of launching attack on a police station to get an accused relived from the cops and travelling in New Delhi while remaining in police custody.

12.Maoist Communist Centre’s Arup Chatterjee,Nirsa constituency,faces a number of criminal cases.

13.BJP’s Raj Paliwal,Madhupur constituency,faces the charge of attempt to murder.

14.CPI(ML)’s Raj Kumar Yadav,Dhanwar constituency,faces the charge of attept to murder.

15.JMM’s Yogendra Prasad,Gomia constituency,faces charge of theft of coal.

16.Independent Enos Ekka,Kolebira constituency,who was in jail only to come out on bail in corruption case,faces the charge of murder.

17.JVM’s Prakash Ram,Latehar constituency,faces a case of corruption.

18.BJP’s Jai Praksh Singh Bhokta,Chatra constituency,faces two criminal cases.

19.JMM’s Nalin Soren,Sikaripara constituency,faces the charge of gobbling up government fund.

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