jharkhand, about jharkhand , list  of district in jharkhand , jharkhand MapJharkhand is the 28th state of the India Union located in East India. Earlier the state was a part of Bihar; but by the Bihar Reorganization Act, Jharkhand was given statehood on 15th November 2000. Some of the major districts of Jharkhand are Jamshedpur, Lohardaga Hazaribagh, Bokaro, Dhanbad, Sindri, Deoghar, and Gumla. A glance at the district maps of Jharkhand can help one in knowing about the various districts and their location in the state. The name Jharkhand is derived from the Sanskrit word Jharikhanda, which was the ancient name of the dense forest of the region.

Jharkhand is surrounded by Orissa in the South, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh in the West, Bihar in the North and West Bengal in the East. The state largely consists of forest tracks of Chhotanagpur plateau and Santhal Pargana and has divergent cultural tradition and practices. One of the major firms in India Tata Steel has its corporate office in Jharkhand.

Jharkhand at a Glance

Population 21843911  
ST 28% of total  
SC 12% of total  
Per capita Income Rs. 4161  
Density of Population 274 persons / Sq. KM  
No. of Districts 18 + 4  
No. of Sub divisions 33  
No. of Blocks 211  
No. of Villages 32620  
No. of Villages Electrified 14667 45 % of total
No. of Villages connected by roads 8484  
National Highways 1006 KMs  
State Highways 4662 KMs  
Health centers 506  
Schools 21386  
Universities 5 Incl 1 deemed University
Total Geographical Area 79.70 Lakh Hect  
Cultivable Land 38.00 Lakh Hect  
Net Sown Area 18.04 Lakh Hect 25% of total area
Net Irrigated Area 01.57 Lakh Hect 8% of net sown area
Forest   29% of total area

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