Jharkhand is a hub of industries.


Jharkhand is a hub of industries.Both bussiness and economy are a major component of the administrative set up of this state.

Jharkhand industry

Two steel plants at one of PSU SAIL at Bokaro and another of private body Tata Iron and Steel Company are located in Jharkhand.These steel plants noy only contribute toward the economy of the state but also of India.

Among the other important steel plants that form an integral part of the business and economy at Jharkhand are:

  • Indian Tube Company,Jamshedpur
  • Sriram Bearing,Ranchi
  • Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company,Jamshedpur.
  • Usha Martin,Ranchi..

Besides, the topography of Jharkhand is rich in minerals. The abundance in minerals also enhances the prospects of the industries in Jharkhand. Some of the important minerals found in Jharkhand are:

  • Chromite
  • Mica
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Limestone
  • Asbestos
  • Uranium
  • Sillimanite
  • Gold
  • Manganese
  • Silver
  • Bauxite
  • Coal, etc.

It is noteworthy that although being an industrial belt, Jharkhand also provides enough scope for cultivation of crops, such as wheat, paddy, pulses, maize, etc. within the territory. Most of the tribal community in Jharkhand earns their livelihood through agriculture. It is interesting to note in this context that Jharkhand is a rich territory that houses poor subjects: the socio-economic condition of the people of Jharkhand is pitiable.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the business and economy is a mixed bag: agriculture and industries flourish side by side within the territory of Jharkhand.

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