Jharkhand gets 431 km road projects


rajya sabha, MP Parimal Nathwani,Minister,RTH,Ministry of Road Transport and Higways,S SathyanarayanaJharkhand boasts of undertaking 431 km road projects during 2011-12 when the Ministry of Road Transport and Higways(RTH) awarded 9791 km road projects in 21 states.

Among these states,Rajasthan got the lion’s share with 1720 km road projects where Sikkim figured at the bottom with award of just eight km roads.

In reply to a question by Rajya Sabha MP Parimal Nathwani,Minister,RTH,S Sathyanarayana pointed out that meetings were held regularly with the concerned state government to resolve the impediments including security concerns for ensuring timely completion of work in Naxal affected areas.

The other states awarded with the road projects,according to Sathyanarayana’s reply,were :Andhra Pradesh – 510 kms, Arunachal Pradesh – 906 kms, Assam – 36 kms, Bihar- 609 kms, Chhattisgarh -324 kms, Gujarat -102 kms, Haryana – 223 kms, Himachal Pradesh-84 kms, Karnataka – 472 kms, Madhya Pradesh -1387 Kms, Maharasthra – 888 kms, Meghalaya -102 kms, Orissa – 811 kms, Punjab – 217 kms, Tamilnadu-182 kms, Tripura -25 kms, Uttar Pradesh-634 kms and West Bengal-120 kms; according to the statement.

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