Jharkhand DGP GS Rath trumpets ‘achievements’


Jharkhand DGP GS Rath trumpetsAs the tradition of announcing personal achievements goes,this one goes farther than even politicians do.Less than four months before he retires from the Indian Police Service in February next year,DGP GS Rath has taken out full page ads in local newspapers listing the various achievements of the Jharkhand police.

DGP Rath has been leading the police in this state where 18 of total 24 districts were Naxalite affected since long resulting in the death of scores of securitymen.Before he took charge last year,Naxalite violence was a routine.Now,the Naxalites were on the run with no major incident of violence reported from any part of the state during the past two months.

The ads-an adaptation of an official report prepared by the police department- appearing under a picture of DGP Rath and the heading –“Our Achievements speak of our success”-came out in local Dailies today.

They listed achievements of the state police during 2011-2012(Till August) when Rath was the DGP and 11 top Maoist leaders-Sahdeo Manjhi,Nemchand Mahato,Pravil Da,Ashok Yadav,Satendra Paswan,Navin Manjhi,Birbal Murmu,Ram Das,Ravi Marandi,Shyam Lal Yadav and Jonshon -were arrested.They were among a total of 491 and 366 arrested in 2011 and 2012 respectively.

During the past three years since 2009,50 Naxalites had surrendered,said the add.”Today,they are happy citizens helping their family,state and the nation.”

In addition,there were many other works done.Sample them:start of computerisation programme,activaton of 30 district/regional training centres,training imparted to 25000 men and officers in computer basics,launch of the police web portal,e-samadhan for on line complaints,e-raksha campaign for cyber safety,apart from recruitment of 8602 constables,35 DYSPs,1`0709 officers and men trained in 2011-12,more than 300 SIs recruited and 2719 officers and men promoted to various ranks.

Asked why had he inserted the ad to show case his own achevements,Rath said:”This is nothing unusual.Such ads were brought out in the past too.”

But the trumpeting of these ‘achievements’apart,has raised eyebrows in Ranchi as the fact is that the DGP Rath seems to have completely forgotten about Jharkhand’s most pressing problems:rampant corruption and indiscipline in the rank and file of the men in uniform.

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