Jamshedpur sees rally,Google makes doodle on Labour Day

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Representational Picture shows a part of Jamshedpur
Representational Picture shows a part of Jamshedpur

At a time when Google today celebrated Labour Day by coming up with a doodle on its homepage,communists in Jharkhand paid tributes to Karl Marx.

In Jamshedpur, Parivartan Rally was taken out on the occasion of Labour Day.It was meant to help change the state and social status of workers of unorganized sectors by Youth INTUC (Rashtriya Mazdoor Congress).

The rally was started from Sidhgora Cross Road no. 20 at 9 am and ended at Sakchi Shahid Chowk.

The leaders of INTUC and Congress. Sanjeev said that at the rally labours in 1000 motorbikes and intuc workers had participated.

In Ranchi,leaders of the Communist Party of India,CPI(M)and CPI-ML paid tributes to Karl Marx and saluted labourers who were working in different private and public companies.

Recognising the importance of the labour day celebrated across the world,Google came up with a doodle showing some parts of tools such as pair of gloves, rolls of insulating tape, a wrench and a measuring tape, which workers use them in their work.

Labour Day is an annual holiday to celebrate the achievement of workers. For many countries, including India, Labour Day is celebrated every year on 1 May.

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