Is Khurshid a symptom of the malaise?


“It is a dangerous thing to order the lives of others and I have often wondered at the self-confidence of politicians, reformers and suchlike who are prepared to force upon their fellows measures that must alter their manners, habits and points of view……” William Somerset Maugham once said,

William Somerset Maugham’s observation seems appropriate in the context of today’s politicians.Often while they accuse each other of corruption,they tended to order the lives of the voters who had reposed faith on them and sent them to Legislatures to shape the destiny of the nation-state.

In the instant case,the audacity with which Union Law Minister Salman Khurshid launched attack on a media house on Sunday is highly condemnable. For India Today had exposed him to the charge that Khurshid had indulged in “fraud and cheating” in dealing with the funds of a charitable body-Dr Zakir Hussain Memorial Trust-owned and run by his own family.

“I am prepared to resign, provided Arun Puri (the Editor-in-Chief) of the India Today group also quits…I am also prepared for an investigation into the works of the Trust if the role of India Today group is also covered in the investigation,” Law Minister Salman Khurshid said at a press conference in Delhi.

Irrespective of whether or not the India Today story was based on facts,the twin demand by a Law Minister was unprecedented in the political history of India.

In fact,Khurshid was so upset with this media group’s covering the sting on Aajtak that he had to shout at the group’s reporter, Deepak.As if power drunk,Khursheed even snubbed him and then ordered him to get out of the press conference.

As a viewer on TV,I was simply aghast thinking that it was shame that this great country’s Minster of Law who was charged to have gobbled up the fund meant for the poor and the handicapped,was so mean and arrogant in his conduct.So much that his wife Louis had to cool him down when the minister vigorously shook his hands at the reporter in reply to a query.

If his case has to offer a lesson to a democrat like me in this country where freedom of expression was a fundamental right, of every citizen,the question is why is politician losing patience? Is it because the law of nature out to catch up?You may have your own opinion on it,but another story by William Somerset Maugham that can provide the answer is this:

“We haven’t seen cheese for three months. We haven’t enough bread to stay our hunger. The French took our horses a year ago and now the Boches (read politicians) have taken our cows, our pigs, our chickens, everything.”

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