Indigo airlines to introduce Lucknow-Ranchi flight

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indigo_002-001Indigo airlines is involved in a plan to introduce an old airlink-Ranchi-Lucknow flight.

As per the plan,Indigo’s Lucknow-Patna flight is supposed to be extended upto Ranchi.

Right now,Indigo’s 6e-342 flight starts from Lucknow and flies to Patna and is considered financially sound.The plan is to forward its route from Lucknow-Patna to Lucknow-Patna-Ranchi.

“Our study shows that there is no dearth of commuters between Ranchi and Lucknow.And as such,the plan is going to prove successful”,said a senior officer of Indigo.

In the past,about 30 years ago,Indian Airlines had its Lucknow-Ranchi flight.”This history will be repeated once Indigo starts its Lucknow-Ranchi flight”,said a report in Hindi Daily-Hindustan.

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