Incomparable Court sentences Justice Karnan to 6 months in prison for scorn of court

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NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Tuesday held Calcutta HC judge CS Karnan liable of disdain of court and sentenced him to six months in prison. The court affirmed that its request should be executed forthwith.

“On the off chance that we don’t send Justice Karnan to prison then there will be an imperfection that SC overlooked disdain by a judge,” a 7-judge seat headed by CJI J S Khehar said

Taking a solid note of Justice Karnan’s comments, extra specialist general Maninder Singh, senior backer K Venugopal and Rupinder Singh Suri resounded the perspectives of the peak court and said that he should be rebuffed.

The Supreme Court additionally stated, “Scorn control does not perceive who is the thing that – a judge or a typical man.”
The request comes after Justice Karnan made arrangement of dubious comments against the top court judges.

Equity Karnan’s comment comes after hatred procedures were started against him by the CJI-drove seat after he consistently leveled defilement assertions against the Madras high court boss equity and different judges.

Karnan, who is set to resign in June, was stripped of his legal and managerial powers by the SC on February 8.

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