IIT Bombay’s Techfest ends with a bang


The sixteenth edition of the IIT Bombay ended today leaving a volume of records.

These records were in the form of memories,published stories in newspapers,journals,social media sites and videos. www.JharkhandStateNews.com which was IIT Bombay’s online media partner was part of it.

Among those luminaries who addressed the IITians included P. Sainath, Osamu Hasegawa, Michael Tiemann, Eric Giler, Jocelyn Goldfein, S A Bharadwaj, M Krishnamoorthy , Ashoke Sen, Shahn Majid, Charley Lineweaver, Rakesh Sharma, David Agnew, Stephen Cook , Amitabha Ghosh, Sunita Narain, Stephen Cook, Ei-ichi Negeshi, Amartya Sen, Kunal Kapoor, Roberto Dhilon and Arun Jaura.

In addition,the three day Techfest witnessed a series of competitions such as Robowars, International Robotics Challenge, Full Throttle ,TechOlympics: Grid Master,Interceptor : Fog of war ,Solar Express ,TechOlympcs : Pirate Wars Wild card ,Dexterous Transcend ,Estadio ,TechOlympics – Hover On ,Magneto : Real Steel ,Powerless and Blitzkrieg ( Design and Flying Challenge).

Also,the Techfest saw many international street artists performing, adding a hep element to otherwise too technical a fest.

Notably,by holding social initiative like ‘Green Campus Challenge’, ‘Give a coin’ and ‘Umeed’,it showed that the IIT Bombay was sensitive to the cause of environment and society.In any case,the campus of the IIT Bombay remained festive during the past three days of the Techfest with its students,staff,faculty and guests from across the globe flocking it.

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