IIT Bombay's Techfest 2013-14 Highlights of The Day 1


Highlights of The Day 1, Techfest

Jocelyn Goldfein, Director of Engineering ,FACEBOOK
Jocelyn Goldfein, Director of Engineering ( FACEBOOK)


Day 1 began with  a platform for both the brilliant and the blooming to connect and devour the interaction of a lifetime in a very unorthodox fashion, the TECHFEST LECCTURE SERIES, giving a whole new meaning to the classroom term “Lecture” involving  a rich spectrum of ideas and behind the scenes of awe inspiring Science.

Lecture Series: A very entertaining, informative and engaging segment with the world’s renowned scientists, inventors & developers.

Michael Tiemann, Vice President, Redhat Inc
Michael Tiemann (Vice President, Redhat Inc)
  • Lectured byMichael Tiemann (Vice President, Redhat Inc), on cloud computing and how is it going to change the face of the world in the coming years. He was the former President of the Open SourceInitiative.
  • Jocelyn Goldfein, Director of Engineering drives new product design and architecture and helps scale the engineering organization at Facebook. She is responsible for key Facebook product features like news feed, search, and photos. She  enlightened  us on the evolution of news feed here at, Techfest, IIT Bombay


Technoholix: The perfect blend of science and technology with the additive ingredient of entertainment. Here comes the flavour of the Techfest.

  • LORDS OF GRAVITY: – They are a record-breaking slam dunk team from Hungary is regarded as the finest dunking team in the world today. The group of 5 live and breathe the game, dominating the basketball like no other and are a treat for audiences worldwide.
  • Moulla, Augmented magic:-He brings augmented reality to the performance stage and has made this style of magic his very own wowing audiences across New York City, Cuba, Seville, Paris, Boston, Florence and Las Vegas and first time in India through Techfest  2013.

COMPETITIONS: A unique segment covering a very varied field of engineering as well as sciences with prize money of around 25 Lakhs.

  • International Robotics Challenge:  Started the day with International fight of robots all the way from Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, UAE, Bangladesh and India to compete and excel in the world’s most amazing competition. Total prizes worth INR 450,000 to be won.
  • Robowars: Robots from all across the country will battle it out in Techfest to prove their ability. One on one, that was the rule followed, and every type of electronic parts were seen on the battleground. Huge amount of crowd came to watch this competition and enjoyed it very much. Cash prizes worth INR 80,000 to be won.
  • Solar Express: The Best minds of the country is competed  to design a futuristic train which runs on solar energy and at high speeds ,which would prove to be an ultimate solution to our travelling needs and diminishing non-renewable sources of energy in future.
  • Vidyaarth-The Indian education system has always been criticized for promoting rote learners and blind curriculum abiders rather than independent and creative thinkers. An Initiative taken by Techfest, IIT Bombay, to suggest some of the features that we feel every education system should incorporate with a  cash prizes worth INR 80,000 for the best idea.
  • Ozone: It is the place where you can lose yourself and enjoy to the fullest. A potpourri of addictive games, enchanting street events, adventurous All-Terrain-Vehicle, whacky competitions and funky workshops with a tinge of tech, Ozone has something for one and all.
  • SILENT DISCO– After a huge success in European countries, introduced for the very first time in any college festival in India, Techfest, IIT Bombay launches the ‘Silent Disco’ to rock the party. Silent Disco is a Renaissance to allow the youth to enjoy their night life as long as and wherever they desire, unknowingly do their bit in mitigating noise pollution and most importantly dance on their personal music players.
  • Zlwin’s Magic: one of Malaysia’s most renowned magician and mentalist based in the heart of Kuala Lumpur ,  who won the heart of the people on day 1 by his awesome performance.
  • BMX – Stunt Show: With twelve of the original biker boys coming to Techfest to flaunt their skills, Watch an exclusive collection of BMX bikes up for display and witness some great action.
  • Bungee Jumping: Bungee Jumping is being introduced for the very first time in any college festival in India .If adventure is the name of the game, there is nothing more adventurous than getting a high from falling from a height.
  • Exhibitions: The showcasing of technologies of the times of ancient civilizations to the modern out of the box innovations.
  • SOINN based HIRO Robot(Hasegawa Lab, Tokyo): It robot can think, learn and act by itself using artificial intelligence. The robot can think in a way similar to humans, because it can make educated guesses and decisions based on its past experiences and knowledge.
  • HOVIS Eco(Metal Mate, India): One of the most advanced humanoids in the world today. It will be acting autonomously with the crowd around doing various stunts like exercising, dancing etc. to impress the humans!
  • VINTAGE CARS EXHIBITIONS(VCCCI, Mumbai): A special exhibition of vintage and classical cars will be displayed at Techfest 2013 in association with The Vintage & Classic Car Club of India (VCCCI). The club has one of the largest collection of vintage and classic cars including brands like Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes, Buick, Packard, Ford, Morris, Chrysler, Dodge, Austin, etc.
  • QUADROTOR  UAV(Robosoft Systems, India):Cutting-edge research is continuing to increase the viability of quadrotors by making advances in multi-craft communication, environment exploration, and maneuverability. The potential utility of the UAV is Aerial Surveillance and Intelligence, Environmental Assessment, Traffic Congestion Analysis, HAZMAT Operations, Project Management, Advanced RC Flight Research.
  • GeoSense: An Indo-Japan initiative to provide information (on dynamic real-time weather/soil/crop/environment parameters)and modelling  (crop water/yield and pest/disease management) services in precision farming with Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) and Geo-ICT.[nggallery id=47]

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