Humans are alone in the Uiniverse,says Lineweaver

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Charles H. Lineweaver

Charles H. Lineweaver today spoke on a hypothetical question connected with the Life and the Universe-Are we alone.

“Ninty percent of professional astronomers think there is life elsewhere in the universe because it is so big– spatially infinite.The answer depends on what the definition of life is”,observed Lineweaver,while delivering lecture orgainsed on the occasion of the IIT Bombay’s Techfest today.

Lineweaver,a renowned astronomer and a Senior Fellow of the Australian National University’s Planetary Science Institute,said:”We are alone if we consider only functionally equivalents of humans.

Rubbishing the Hollywood’s theory of extra terrestrial living beings,he said that the Earth is one of the most recent planets.”Earthlike planets existed before. Had the concept of Hollywood movies been true they would have attacked us long ago”,he said.

”Or are we as insignificant to them as ameobas for us”, he joked. “Probably the only answer is that there is no other living form with functionality like humans.”

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