Human brain fond of animals.Why?


White dog,pets, animalsWhat is common among humans?They carry red blood?No,all of them are fond of animals.

This is essentially because inside every human brain lies a region recognized by neorologists as ‘Amygdala’. Apart from commanding emotions of the people,it recognizes animals.,claims a study published in the journal -Nature Neuroscience.

In this study,a method was used to understand the mind of epilepsy patients.In all 41 of them were shown 100 pictures of people,landmarks,animals and the like.After they were made to see these photos,researchers analyzed the responses.

In all “1445 neurons in the amygdala and other regions of the brain were taken note of.The reserchers found that right amygdala contains neurons responding particularly to photos of animals. They found the firing of neurons of right amygdala took place in response to animals.

Neurons of amygdala start responding regardless of distance or degree of looking the animal, which can be of any category like dangerous or eatable or mammal or bird.”

Researchers found that “this stimulus of right amygdala is independent of emotions. Moreover, they are also hypothesizing that this response shows that animals were present from the very beginning of humanity, so that human brain started differentiating between animal and other things.”

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