Honour natural justice,says HEC CVO

Press Release

“The aim of natural justice is to secure justice or to put it negatively, to prevent miscarriage of justice. These rules operate only in the areas not covered by any law validly made. In other words they do not supplant the law but supplement it”

This remark was made by Heavy Engineering Corporation’s Chief Vigilance Officer during his presentation on a programme on “Disciplinary enquiries and proceedings” at HEC premise today.

The workshop was attended among others by Kushal Saha, Director (Prodn.), S. Banerjee, Director (Pers.) and A.V. Krishna, Director (Mktg.).
Verma laid stress on principles of natural justice, reasonable opportunity to the employees, timely completion of disciplinary proceedings, careful application of mind by Disciplinary Authorities/Enquiry Officers and awarding of punishment commensurate with the offence of employees.

During the programme It was suggested to have a panel of officers who may be appointed as IO/PO and their regular training to ensure proper holding of disciplinary proceedings. The Disciplinary Authorities were asked to issue speaking orders.

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