HEC top brass vow to work honestly

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HEC top brass vow to work honestly

Maintain integrity,transparency and work in corruption free environment.A message passed on by the President Pranab Mukherjee was read out today in a function attended by top brass of the Heavy Engineering Corporation Ltd.

The function was presided by HEC’s CMD R.Misra who administered a pledge among his colleagues to maintain integrity, transparency and work in corruption free environment.

While the message of the President Mukherjee was read by Misra,almost identical messages of the Vice President, Prime Minister,Leader of the Oppostion and the CVC were read by A.V. Krishna, Director (Mktg.) and R.E.Singh, GM/HMBP, A.K.Kanth, Company Secretary and Ravindra Verma, Chief Vigilance Officer,respectively.

On the occasion,an in-house Journal -called “SPARK”- of the company’s Vigilance Department was released by Misra.A presentation on “Transparency in Public Procurement” (the theme of Vigilance Awareness Week – 2012) was given by Verma.

HEC top brass vow to work honestly

Stressing the importance of the “Cannons of Public Procurements- Transparency, Fairness, Value for Money, Quality and Time”-Verma appealed to all staff to work honestly and efficiently.Also,a debate competition was held in every plant/unit of the company on “Eradication of Corruption from PSUs – in the context of HEC Ltd.”

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