Health is Life

Dr.Sudakshina Lala
Dr.Sudakshina Lala

Good health is the greatest asset one can have. It is invaluable and once lost, practically irreplaceable.

But do we realise the above fact & take care of this blessing from God while there is time? NO!

Sadly, for most of us healthcare figures near the bottom of our priority list.It can save us a lot of trouble if we remember two time honoured sayings-“prevention is better than cure”&”a stitch in time saves nine” –meaning thereby one should have a healthy life style which will prevent many diseases & if one develops any health problem one must seek medical advice &help as early as possible.

In my experience as a gynaecologist I have seen that Indian women (even educated ones) have many misconceptions about natural gynaecological events as well as various problems. My request to the female members of our society is that- please don’t be ashamed or afraid to take medical help if you have any of the following problems-

  • Normal length of menstrual cycle is 28+/-6days from first day of last M/C-if cycle becomes prolonged or short.
  • Menarche is the word used to mark the onset of menstruation in a young girl ,average age is between 11 to 16 yrs. If menarche is too early or too late it may be due to some problem & must get investigated.
  • Heavy bleeding, pain abdomen, vomiting, giddiness, headache during menses.
  • Pain in lower abdomen & lower part of back
  • Any abnormal discharge from vagina- blood stained, foul smelling, copious etc.
  • Bleeding (even spotting)-between two m/c or after sexual intercourse.
  • Menopause means cessation of menstruation in an elderly lady .average age of menopause  is 45 to 55 yrs. Any bleeding after menopause must be investigated.
  • Pain , itching & burning sensation or any ulcer ,warts or other abnormal growth in private part.
  • Breasts should be self –examined at least once every week. For  doing  this one has to feel all the parts of both breasts by lightly pressing with flat of the palm& feel for any lump , hard area, cord like feeling,or painful area. Also look for redness, thickening or puckering of skin or nipple& itching. If any of the above is found immediate medical advice must be taken.

I would like to emphasise again that early diagnosis of a disease or disorder makes treatment process less complicated, less time taking and less expensive. It makes prognosis better. So let us be proactive in matters of health.

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