Half of total schemes,institutions in the name of Gandhi family

Representational Pic courtesy Prabhat Khabar

More than half of Inditutions and projects run by the Union Government in India were dedicated to the Nehru-Gandhi family(Nehru-Indira-Rajiv) whereas there were only four of 58 institutions and schemes in the name of father of the nation-Mahatma Gandhi.

In India today,of total 58 institutions and schemes,27 run by the Centre were in the name of late Prime Ministers Jawahar lal Nehru,Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi,as per the facts provided to environmentalist and Gandhian Anupam Mishra by the government under the RTI.

These facts also show that while a maximum number of 16 projects and institutions were in the name of Rajiv Gandhi,8 and 3 institutions and projects were named after Indira Gandhi and Nehru respectively.

In the name of Mahatama Gandhi,projects and institutions connected with Ministry of Sanskrit,memoirs and sculpture and the UPA’s flagship scheme MNREGA were included.

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