Give clear mandate to BJP for development, appeals Modi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi today appealed to the people of Jharkhand to give a clear mandate to the BJP in the ongoing Assembly elections.

While addressing an election rally in Dhanbad, he reminded people that his government is of the poor, for the poor and by the poor.

The Prime Minister highlighted the disparity between eastern and western parts of the country and said that development of the country is incomplete without the development of the eastern region.

“Jharkhand has got natural resources but it is also a fact that Jharkhand is the poorest state. Development if India is incomplete without eastern region development. I have seen the western part, I want to work for the eastern region and want this region to grow similarly,” added Modi.

He reminded the people of Jharkhand that they are sitting on black diamond and that the state has the potential to shine. He assured them that the Union Government’s policy will provide further revenue to the state.

Modi said we have initiated ‘Made in India’ campaign so that youths may have livelihood opportunities in their area. “They have to travel thousands of km away from their place to earn livelihood. Shouldn’t you have employment opportunities in your village”?, he asked.

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