From Oxford,London,to Hindpiri,Ranchi,Aman backs Prime Focus produce TV crew


*Mohammed Tanveer(23), draws graphics on computer. As a staff of a private company, he earns Rs. 4,500 per month.”I may quit and join another company with a higher pay package”,he says.

Seema Patra (21),who is a lensman,works for a private TV channel with a monthly pay package of Rs 3000.”Once I gain experience,I will get more money”,she says.


And Aftab Alam(24) who is an animation artist of a local daily and receives a monthly salary of Rs 8,500,says:”I am going to do a diploma course from a private institute in New Delhi.I have already saved Rs 25,000 to take admission there.”

The jobs which did not trickle down to students of weaker sections through government colleges and private institutions have reached them by an act of philanthrope.In particular, Prime Focus Media School has trained them to get jobs and aroused the desire of self employment in the poor sections of the society, especially belonging to the Muslim and Adivasi community.

Prime Focus, a part of Maulana Azad Minorities Research Foundation, a non profit registered body, deriving its rationale from the ongoing boom of vernacular newspapers and private TV channels-in terms of number, they had grown from three and one in 2005 to six and five respectively in Ranchi in 2010-which had generated jobs of reporters, graphers, lensmen and animation artists here, was set up two years ago.

Inside Prime Focus at Hindpiri,Prime Focus Hindpiri
Inside Prime Focus at Hindpiri


It was launched by Amanullah, a B.Tech (Hon’s) from IIT Khargapur and an MBA from the University of Oxford (Said Bussiness School), UK who thought it was the time a body imparted education and training in short duration courses in media studies free of cost to students belonging to the poor communities who could not afford to do under graduate courses.”This made me intervene in a small way”,said Amanullah.

To begin with,Amanullah contributed Rs 50,000.With this little fund,his associate Ashraf Hussain, who was appointed as its Director, purchased a dozen books, journals and second hand gadgets including a Video camera, a digital camera and four monitors, two CPUs, an inverter and installed them inside a two room premise of his residence here at Hindpiri.

Mohammed Tanveer,Inside Prime Focus at Hindpiri
Inside Prime Focus at Hindpiri

What motivated these teachers to step up and work on a voluntary basis?A study of MAMRF reveals that two of them were retired teachers of Ranchi University;and one was a retired staff of a private institution.” They hoped that once the institute grows, they will get paid”, states the report adding that they “had passion to make it deliver.”

With this meager infrastructure, Amanuallah set up and inaugurated the school on June 6 2010. This institution offers three month courses in subjects such as graphics, animation and cinematography manned by three teachers who worked for it on a voluntary basis.

At the very start, Prime Focus conducted an admission test on its inaugural day. Out of total 62 students who took part in the test, 25 students were admitted into the courses. After the students completed the courses and received certificates handed over to them by the institute, 23 of them including Tanveer, Patra and Alam had got jobs. “The rest two worked as free lance cameramen”, said Hussain,who is credited to have directed and produced a dozen documentary films.

The study has also enumerated certain shortcomings like disruption in classes due to power cuts, lack of books and journals and qualified faculty of animation and cinematography.”We have plan to turn this institute into a polytechnic. Hope,we succeed and we do so very soon”, said Amanullah, the sole patron of Prime Focus, who was born and brought up in Lohardaga, 80 km from here.

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